Evaluating Your Mood Walks Group

Evaluation is an essential part of program development; it allows us to determine if our program is effective. Evaluating your group by means of the Mood Walks Evaluation Tools will help you recognize your group’s successes, and will permit us to gauge the success of the Mood Walks project and compare the success of groups across the province. In addition to the outcomes our evaluation plan looks at, you and your organization may have unique objectives and outcomes that you would like to measure.

Evaluation is a key component of Mood Walks. It provides us with information about:

  • How participants perceive the group
  • If participants experience any personal changes related to participation
  • What program activities are fundamental to a successful Mood Walks group
  • Effective novel approaches that Mood Walks groups have used
  • If and how the program is affected by geographical region

Evaluation will also allow us to demonstrate program benefits to funding sources, and likewise enable you to demonstrate successful outcomes to your agency, potential funding sources, and your community at large. Results could support a request for additional funds to expand your Mood Walks group or to offer it in other locations.

Mood Walks Reporting for Host Agencies

Please submit any evaluation materials you wish to share to:

Attn: Mood Walks Project
Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division
180 Dundas Street West, Suite 2301,
Toronto ON M5G 1Z8

Or send copies via email to: info@moodwalks.ca

If possible, please include:

  • Participants’ Mood Walks Pre-Program and Follow-up Questionnaires
  • Sign-In sheets for participants
  • Leader’s tracking sheets
  • Feedback from the Mood Walks Follow-up Focus Group
  • Additional evaluation strategies you might have used and their outcomes
  • Final Mood Walks Report

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