Accommodating Participants with Mobility Challenges

Some participants in your group may have challenges with mobility. Here are some tips to support their participation in your group:

  • Choose routes that allow for a variety of speeds and distances. For example, an out-and-back route will allow participants to turn around at a specific time, whereas a loop route requires all participants to cover the same distance.
  • Look for “rail trails” in your area—former railway tracks that have been converted into walking paths. They tend to be flat and wide, and may make a good route for participants with mobility issues.
  • Ensure that your route has benches for rest stops along the way.
  • Look for curb cuts at street crossings, and ramps as an alternative to stairs.
  • Make participants aware of the route before the day of your walk. Participants with mobility challenges may prefer to check out the route beforehand, on their own or perhaps with a group volunteer.
  • Make sure participants with mobility challenges are accompanied by another participant or volunteer at all times.

See “Choosing Accessible Locations and Routes” for more information.

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