The Mood Walker – Issue 1 – July 2014

The Mood Walker newsletter

The Mood Walker – July 2014

Welcome to our first edition of the Mood Walks newsletter! Although groups may be at different stages of development – some in the planning phase and others actively hiking – we hope this newsletter offers something for everyone. In this issue, we will hear from the Mood Walks group in Elgin County, review opportunities to get involved with Hike Ontario and the Healthy Hikes campaign, and discuss some things to remember (and look out for!) when out for a walk. If you are new to a regular walking regime, good for you for making a change! For ideas about how to keep it up, check out “Tips for Managing an Increased Physical Activity Level.”

In upcoming issues, we hope to share more stories about Mood Walks group adventures! To contribute to the newsletter, submit photos, provide feedback, or suggest topics of interest, please contact

In This Issue

  • Mood Walks Group Profile
  • Nature’s Healing Properties
  • Maximize Your Outdoor Exposure
  • Hike Ontario Training Opportunities
  • Trail User’s Code
  • Tips for Managing an Increased Physical Activity Level
  • Safety Tips
  • Summer, Hiking and Nature – The Perfect Combination!
  • My Favourite Walk

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