The Mood Walker – Issue 2 – August 2014

The Mood Walker - Aug 2014

The Mood Walker – Aug 2014

Welcome to our second issue of The Mood Walker! We would like to thank those who contributed to this edition—  we have an update from the Homewood crew, and Aileen Barclay, a Forest Education Specialist from York Region, has provided some helpful tips for recognizing bird calls. We have included information about upcoming Healthy Hikes events in your area, as well as tips about sun safety, hydration, and ways to stay safe and “Leave No Trace” when you are out on a walk.

From what we have heard so far, Mood Walks are being enjoyed by participants, leaders, and partners alike, despite the occasional challenges posed by bugs and humidity! We look forward to hearing more about your groups. To contribute to the newsletter or provide feedback, please contact

In This Issue

  • Mood Walks Group Profile: Homewood Health Centre
  • Upcoming Healthy Hikes Events
  • Sun Safety and Hydration
  • Tips for Sticking to a New Physical Activity
  • Safety Tips
  • 7 Steps to Leave No Trace
  • Birds in the Forest

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